"I am a huge fan of Jam Home Child Care! Louis had struggled at his old daycare-often sobbing when dropped off. But after one day at Miss Candi's he was thrilled to go back! When we come around the corner he starts yelling "There's Miss Candi's!" Louis even ask to go see Miss Candi on the weekend! Candi loves all "her" kids, and we all love Candi."

C. Fritts 

"Thank you for sharing the potty charts and Calendar with Stickers. That was very thoughtful of you. Lance said, "I miss Ms. Candi" as we drove away today. I was touched that he already speaks so fondly of you. Thank you for loving on my baby while I cannot. God Bless you!"

L. Bolton

"Our son attended Jam Home Child Care for 2 1/2 wonderful years. The experience that we had with Candi Long was absolutely amazing. It is somewhat frightening at first leaving your child under the care of another but we always felt at ease leaving our son under Candi"s supervision. She truly loves and nurtures each of the children that are under her care. Our little guy began attending as an infant and while under her care transformed into an independent creative 3 year old. As a teacher, I value the fact Candi has a daily routine and schedule. The children are actively engaged in activities all day long. Due to her structured learning environment my son is able to recognize shapes, colors, letters and numbers. The children at her home are also exposed to a variety of music activities as well as time to explore independently and use their imagination both indoors and outdoors. Candi spearheaded my son's potty training experience. With her guidance and patience he was fully potty training before 3 years old. I also value the fact that Candi focuses on good character and teaches the children proper manners, table etiquette, sharing and how to be a good friend. I highly recommend Candi Long for your childcare needs. Jam Home Daycare is the daycare of choice if your are seeking a provider that truly loves children and supports their development."

Q. MacDonald

"Thank you so much for taking care of our little angel. We appreciate all your caring and compassion you have shown him. We always know that he will be safe and happy while in your hands and that makes leaving him so much more bearable."

J. and M. Galvin

"Our daughter has been attending Candi's daycare for over a year. She enjoys it and always talks about her daycare friends. We appreciate Candi's efforts to give our daughter a fun time (outside games, dress up time, meeting Santa) and the way she encourages our little girl to learn (musical instruments, letters, numbers and shapes). Candi is dependable and always greets us and our little one with a pleasant smile!"

T. and J. Duboius